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Increase Home Ownership And Affordable Housing Safely- Change Tax Code To Stop Wall St. Firms, Hedge Funds, and Investors From Investing In Single Family Homes

This is how we going to stop the investing in single family homes by Wall St., and investors, and why its important to do this.

First we need to tell Congress to remove all tax benefits that investors enjoy when purchasing a single family home after 11/9/2014. Empower families with new mortgage terms to purchase, or refinance an owner occupied home. And then to repair the home they buy, if needed, a tax deduction should be enacted for the cost of repairing the home, as investors have now.

Repairing the homes will increase economic activity, and employment. Hundred of thousands, perhaps millions, of single family homes will be repaired, and improved by owner occupied owners, or contractors. Home values will be maintained. Neighborhoods will be improved, and maintained. The supply of housing will increase. Homes will become more affordable. Home ownership will increase without increasing the risk of another primary home crisis.

How would you feel if you were a family looking to find your one piece of the American Dream. Just one home for you, and your family to live in. After years of making sacrifices to save up enough money for a down payment, you make an offer to buy a house, and then a Wall St investment firm, or an investor out bids you with a cash offer for the home your family has wanted, and needed for years. Or worse than that, a financial crisis is created by Wall St., and the big banks, you lose your job, and then you lose your home to foreclosure after living in the home for years!! And then, to rub your nose in the shitty situation, Wall St types, or an investor buys your home for pennies on the dollar, and then they want to rent your home back to you for more than what your payments were, that you couldn't afford in the first place!!!!  It makes you feel like, why did I work so hard, for so long to be kicked down like this. You want to get up, and #!*%&@ 

This scenario happens more and more as investors and Wall St. investment firms have jacked up single family homes prices from coast to coast. Wall St. investment firms, and their accredited investors have become the largest owners of single family homes in America. There are many real estate investment opportunities for investors to invest in multi-unit housing. Single family home prices should reflect the purchasing power of the families that want to live in the home, not the greater purchasing power of Wall St. firms, private equity funds, and accredited investors.  


Watch full episode of "Wall St. Landlords" on Aljazeera America channel 219 on ATT U-VERSE. If video does not load, it means Aljazeera America has had to take it down.  Search on the internet for similar videos on Aljazeersa America, You Tube, or for the title "Wall Street Landlords." People are video documenting the economic imbalances of Wall St., and accredited investors investing in single family homes!! Prices of homes, and rents are rising too fast in some housing markets again.

Our single family home market, made up of home owner that live in the home, is more stable than an investor led market. Investors are not emotionally tied to a single family home as much as a family that has lived in the home for years. If the price of the home decreases, investor dump the homes on the market by the millions, as investor did in the 2008 financial crisis, or they abandon the homes if they are not making a profit from the house, also devaluing the surrounding homes. 

Families need affordable housing that is priced at their purchasing power. Not at the purchasing power of accredited investors, and Wall St. investment firms. Some things are more important than amassing wealth, making a profit, and increasing tax revenues. 

Sure the Fed's Quantitative Easing creates the "Wealth Effect". It makes the wealthy richer, because they own most of the income generating assets in our economy, which go up in price with the use of Quantitative Easing. The working poor, and the middle class get poorer, because they lose assets when they lose their job. The only income they have to pay their payments, and take care of their family is their job. This is why it is very important that the 2% Appreciation/Inflation Taxation Policy needs to be enacted to help maintain employment!!! 

When a recession occurs in an economy, interest rates decrease. To increase demand on Main St., to reduce the length, and depth of the recession, or financial crisis, all single family home mortgages should include a clause that lowers the interest rate, as the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates to the financial sector. This change will eliminate refinancing cost, and increase economic activity, and aggregate demand on Main St. rather than primarily increasing economic activity in the financial sector, increasing it's profits, and bonuses.  As the economy improves, the Fed will increase the cost of  funds to the financial sector, the interest rate should then increase slowly until it rises to the interest rate of the 30 year fix rate mortgage interest rate, or the prior interest rate the mortgage interest rate was prior to the interest rate being lowered, which ever is the lowest interest rate. 

Ask yourself, If the economy is improving why don't you feel richer? Why wasn't there better policies in place to help prevent the financial crisis, and your foreclosure? Can your kids afford to buy a single family home that they can live in. Or do they have to rent a home, or have they moved in with you? Is the single family home market going to crash again? Are we headed for another primary single family home financial crisis again? 

Congress will be debating income tax reform very soon. Unless the people raise their voices , Wall St. and accredited investors will continue reducing affordable housing, and home ownership by the middle class, and the working poor. We will become a nation of renters.

Please join your neighbors, and make a positive change for your family by signing this petition. It will only take you 30 seconds. The current process of maintaining employment, and economic activity is not efficient. It is better to help prevent deep recessions, financial crisis, and high inflation than to wait until they happen, and then rebuild employment by restarting or exspanding exsiting businesses, and create more new businesses to get back to full employment again. Is that what we call progress. 

The foreclose crisis has given the rich the opportunity to grab more income producing assets to increase their wealth. We need to change this economic injustice NOW!!! 

Think ahead! You, your children, or your grand children will want to buy a home some day! It is time you start looking out for yourself. Wall St. and investors are at the front of the line. Speak up, that is the only way we will be heard!!. Tell Wall St,, State and Federal Congresses, HUD, and the President that you have had it up to here, you know where that is, and you are not going to take it any more. You are ready to fight back. Enough is Enough; That you are mad as hell, and that you, and your family are not go down again without a fight. 

After you sign the PETITION.go to for more ground breaking ideas to help people succeed, and prevent foreclosures. . If people create policies for a market economy that creates opportunities for peope to succeed, less people become government dependent. 


Thank You!

Chris Hall





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