Filibuster Trumpcare (by amendment)

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In 2013 my dad lost his job and got cancer. Because of Obamacare, he was able to get treatment, and is alive today. A few weeks ago, the cancer came back. Obamacare protects his right to life-saving care, even if he gets too sick to work. 

Trumpcare will kill thousands of people like my dad. It will strip live-saving care from millions of Americans – particularly low-income families and older people.

Stopping Trumpcare only takes a few Democratic senators who are fully committed. Because Trumpcare is being passed through reconciliation to avoid full debate, senators can stop it by proposing unlimited amendments – each of which requires a 15 minute roll-call vote. Just three committed Democrats could hold off Trumpcare indefinitely.

Republicans are sacrificing American lives to finance tax cuts for the rich. They've taken unprecedented steps by sabotaging the legislative process, first with Merrick Garland and now with Trumpcare. This petition calls on Democratic senators to show an unprecedented response to protect millions of Americans by stopping Trumpcare.

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