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Congress & Judiciary: Criminalize Threatening Hate Speech Now

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Canada has laws that decry threatening hate speech as a crime, and its Freedom of Speech is perfectly intact. #Charlottesville could not have happened in Canada.

Some types of hate speech are free speech. But threatening behaviors and words should be illegal here, as they are in other countries with strong civil liberties and freedom of the press.

Hate speech is not like other speech. Hatred is a viral emotion. It is anger compounded by fear, each viral alone, but toxic when put together. This is psychological fact. These two facts already make hate speech toxic and viral. Add to this that children are not born with hatred. It is learned. Hate speech teaches it to them, particularly when exercised in public without consequence. Finally, consider studies done on the role of hate speech towards the incitement of mob violence.

We, as a nation, are sinking deeper and deeper into a miasma of rage, fear, and hatred --- recipe for civil war. With the easy acquisition of guns (this is not about the guns, it's about hatred + guns), people filled with fear and hatred, believing falsehoods, are taking to the streets.

Don't fall prey to arguments of false equivalency, such as obscenity, opinions, and the like. Stopping threatening hate speech is not equal to legislating unpleasant behavior. Hatred is an illness that spreads. Whites hating blacks or Jews or homosexuals are like a foot hating the hand or a knee on the same body. It's crazy. And, it's a sickness that spreads. If the CDC would control infected parties with quarantine, we should do the same with our ill citizens. Look at the faces, particularly, look into the eyes, the window to the soul, of a person who is raving with hate and behaving in a threatening manner, simulating Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan. They appear on the verge of criminal insanity.

See how terribly wrong things are. Act to stop it. It's like we're on a bullet train to self-destruction. End the division. End the idea that threatening hate speech, behavioral and verbal threats of murder against individuals simply for their skin color, sexual preference, religion constitutes Free Speech. That's a falsehood, and we ALL know it in our hearts.

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