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Cap Presidential vacation funds!

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Recently, the amount of money that the 45th POTUS has spent on vacations, security for separate living arrangements has come to light and I am appalled. Considering his proposed budget to strengthen the military and cut social services, yet he is benefiting immensely from our hard earned tax dollars. I think there needs to be reform on the amount of taxpayer dollars that are spent on POTUS protection and his wife's choice to live in Trump tower. If separate living arrangements are in place, we shouldn't have to pay for it, we already pay for a living arrangement and whatever reason for the separation should be his burden.  Many Americans, such as myself, can barely afford to spend a few hundred dollars on vacation each year and he is spending millions of our dollars every month to play golf and vacation. I propose a cap of no more than 10 million a year to split between the overseen the president and Vice President. 98% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and the POTUS should respect the money we work hard for. Please fight for this as I feel as if he is using tax payer dollars to fund lavish vacations he is more than capable of affording on his own. 

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