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Stop UK horse Slaughter for Human Consumption.

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I have created this petition to make the slaughter of horses illegal in the UK.

Most horses destined for slaughter are sold at livestock auctions or sales OR our Moorland hill ponies. The cruelty of horse slaughter is not limited to the act of killing the animals. Horses bound for slaughter are shipped, frequently for long distances, in a manner that fails to accommodate their unique temperaments. They are usually not rested, fed, or watered during travel. 

Often, terrified horses and ponies are crammed together and transported to slaughter in double-deck trucks designed for cattle and pigs. The truck ceilings are so low that the horses are not able to hold their heads in a normal, balanced position. Inappropriate floor surfaces lead to slips and falls, and sometimes even trampling.

Some horses arrive at the slaughterhouse seriously injured or dead. Although transportation accidents have largely escaped public scrutiny, several tragic ones involving collapsed upper floors and overturned double-deckers have caused human fatalities as well as suffering and death for the horses.

Before slaughter horses are supposed to be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, usually with a device called a captive bolt gun, which shoots a metal rod into the horse's brain. Some horses, however, are improperly stunned and may still be conscious when they are hoisted by a rear leg to have their throats cut. In addition, conditions in the slaughterhouse are stressful and frightening for horses.

Horses of virtually all ages and breeds are slaughtered, from draft types to miniatures. Horses commonly slaughtered include unsuccessful race horses, horses who are lame or ill, surplus riding school and camp horses, mares whose foals are not economically valuable, and foals who are "byproducts" of the Pregnant Mare, Ponies, mules, and donkeys are slaughtered as well.

Many of the horses that are purchased for slaughter were in good health, and bought for only a few hundred pounds.

The owners are often totally unaware of the pain, fear, and suffering their horses endure before being slaughtered.

A united stand needs to be taken to stop this happening in the UK, before we know it it will be normal to serve up roast horse.

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