United Nations Address U.S. Systemic Violation of Black Peoples' Human Rights

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   How does the United Nations justify its existence when allows the United States to continue systematically engage in blatant gross violations of Human Rights, from the mass incarceration of Black and Brown people, to its mass illegal and indefinite incarceration of Black Virgin Islanders. When presented with this fact, the U.S. judiciary routinely engages in more criminal conduct to repress the action, including simply refusing to process, as opposed to wrongfully processing.

   We have shown in the matter of the Virgin Island 3, that the U.S. government has always had and maintains a criminal relationship with the "Native"/Black people of the islands, which the U.S. declared "America's Paradise," by maintaining a slave hell established by the Danish. For 48-years and counting the VI3 have been illegally held by the U.S. government, exclusively for the past 18-years by the colonial regime set up in the islands, where the "Natives" are officially classified as "non-citizen nationals." At the time that the U.S. purchased them and their land, they were slaves held by the country of Denmark, which the U.S. knowingly "purchased," even though it knew it to be based on piracy. Which should come as no surprise since the U.S. the leader of White settler states posing as countries, our action brings this to a head before the U.N. Human Rights Committee. This after resorting to the U.S. courts and government, only to receive further repression maintained to this day.

   Think about being a person without any right that a certain race and class of people were bound to respect, not even by their God. For 48-years the U.S. government has criminally robbed Haneef, Abdul, and Malik of their lives, this is irrefutable fact. However, they are from being alone and the racist practice is not restricted to the Virgin Islands, look at the case of the Move 9 and Mumia Abu Jamal, still hung up in U.S. court appeal nonsense, while the system kills them slowly. Two Move prisoners have died in prison after decades, Mumia Abu Jamal constantly stands at death's door through medical maltreatment. The system never really removed the death penalty, it only changed up how it was going to carry it out, ITJ was opposed to and exposed this fallacy in thinking that as long the system does not hang, gas, electrocute, or immediately dispose of has been spared the "Death Penalty/"  You try being a hated opponent of the system, part of an oppressed group, see how you are treated, law is out the window and it is all politcal expediency to maintain the system. We make and let them bring it on, andthe arrogant fools do so, exposing themselves.

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