Reinstate Erik Schomann

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Erik Schomann is a professor at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and was North Simcoe candidate for Green Party of Canada. He has been forced resign after allegation of Anti-Muslim and Islamophobia after a Facebook post was interpreted as Islamophobic.

I have know Erik since 2013, he was my professor of Applied Professional Communications Seneca. All through these years I have never experienced anything anti-Muslim or Islamophobic from Erik, in fact it was the opposite. In August 2014 he graciously accepted my invitation and attended my wedding which was a traditional Muslim event. Many times, I have sent him invitation to Islamic/Muslim events and he never once shown any sign of frustration. He always encouraged me to be the loud voice as it was needed in times when we have terrorist and extremists Hijacked Islamic faith to commit their crimes against humanity.

Anytime there was an Islamic event, I invited him and never shown any frustration or dislike. In 2016 on my invitation he attended the Annual Convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat of Canada. He sat through 3 hours of speeches by the Muslim leader and other dignitaries and showed nothing but respect for Islamic faith and Muslims.

The 10 years old Facebook post might be in insensitive or bad humor but to conclude from it that Erik Schomann is anti-Muslim and Islamophobic is very unfair and wrong. He grew up in a Muslim country (Pakistan), me and other people that know him heard nothing but admiration of local Muslims from him. It is a request to Green Party of Canada to reinstate Erik Schomann and rethink their decision. He is everything but an Islamophobic or anti-Muslim.