A woman's right to choose isn't up for debate.

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A woman's right to choose isn't up for debate. However, both Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and Conservative Party of Canada leader, Andrew Scheer have both said that, if elected, they wouldn't stop their members from bringing forward bills that could put a woman's right to choose at risk. 

"Green Party won't ban members from trying to reopen abortion debate, says May" —CBC, September 9th, 2019

“We operate under the same policies as the previous Conservative government under Stephen Harper, which is that individual MPs have the right to express themselves on matters of conscience...." —Andrew Scheer, August 29th, 2019

On this issue, we need our leaders to lead. Sign the petition to tell Elizabeth May and Andrew Scheer to change their party's positions and to ban their MPs from putting forth any piece of legislation that would limit a woman's right to choose.