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Urgent Independent Enquiry Into The Children and Youth Protection Services 'CYPS' Canberra

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In the wake of the deaths of Bradyn and Jakob we are seeking an enquiry under the Enquiries Act into the 'CYPS' Canberra. 

We are well aware that the Government is not learning, not listening and the only way to ensure they act is to make these failings known.  We know that there are far more failings on a daily basis that what the public is aware of given that we are a Family Advocate.

In a recent ABC News Article Regarding Oversight and Family Support it was disclosed that we have seen no effort on the part of the government to implement external, independent oversight for CYPS to ensure that families can appeal decisions as they are made (such as ACAT).  Unlike every other state in Australia, we have absolutely no where to turn in cases like Jakob's and Bradyn's when families know that the government is getting it wrong.

We have been made aware of a situation where CYPS staff allowed the abuse of a child in Foster Care and silenced the child when they sought protection from the Court. As a result the Official Visitor Resigns in Disgust when his complaint is not taken seriously regarding this situation.

We have also seen the outrageous failings of the Department in the Bimbiri Detention Centre which included our Canberra Youth being subjected to "Sickening" acts of violence between detainees and staff members, Guards encouraging children to settle disagreements in organised fights, Detainees being supplied with alcohol and drugs and Indigenous and immigrant detainees being goaded with racial slurs.

Nothing has changed, in fact we believe the situation has only worsened since the Death Of Jack Sullivan in 2008. The government continues to behave with careless indifference to our children and young people.

In our capacity as a Family Advocate we hear day in and day out about the individual cases where there are CYPS failings, however we know there must be many, many more.  It is time to really put Canberra's 'Child Protection' System under the micro-scope in order to fix it as the opposition is attempting to.


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This petition of the undersigned draws to the attention of the ACT Legislative Assembly that there is an institutionalised culture of maladministration and lack of accountability and transparency in decision-making of the Director-General of the Australian Capital Territory (“ACT”) Community Services Directorate and the ACT Child and Youth Protection Services (“CYPS”) which has led to the physical, sexual and emotional abuse and on occasion death of children in the care of the Director-General.

We therefore ask the Assembly/ Committee to convene an urgent enquiry under the Enquiries Act into the protection and detention of children in the Australian Capital Territory, with sufficient powers to inquire into the operations (including decision-making) of the ACT  Director-General of Community Services, his or her delegates,  and the CYPS with respect to children and young people in the ACT, including children and young people placed outside the ACT by the Director-General, his or her delegates or the CYPS

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