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Recall Kathleen Wynne!

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Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario, who time and time again has proven herself to be a corrupt lying thief. Under her, our provincial debt has drastically increased to $333.1 billion CAD (as of March 31, 2017), when she had made promises to send it in the other direction. Year after year we, the people of Ontario, have had to suffer and endure under her rule. So far, she has spent $1 billion on a gas plant that will never be built, she gave away a piece of publicly owned land to destroy it just to build a generator that will only produce a measly 4.5 megawatts of power and likely only work in the spring/summer, there will be an increase in minimum wage causing many small business to shut down and the cost of goods to increase, and the mayors of cities in Southern Ontario are openly expressing their worry that they will not receive their fair share of marijuana tax revenue. Our Auditor general, Bonnie Lysyk, is warning us that the provincial government is lying to us the books are NOT balanced and us Ontarians will be paying an extra $4 billion to pay off the temporary 25% decrease in hydro rates. Time and time again she spends more and more of our money, that doesn't even exist, and at what cost? It has been predicted many times that by the time her reign of terror is over, my own grandchildren would still be paying off the provincial debt, and as a born and raised citizen of Canada, that sure as hell does not make me want to live here.

Therefore, I have created this petition in an effort to recall Kathleen Wynne, we cannot allow her to cause any more problems for our province, it's time we took a stand for ourselves.

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