Reinstate 'Jerusalem' as a school hymn

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Over the years, Jerusalem has become a favourite of students to sing, and they show it with a notable increase in enthusiasm and volume when singing this hymn. It has become as close to our hearts as the college's carmen.

For reasons undisclosed, the hymn has been banned from being sung in assemblies. 

I'd personally say Barney said it best - 

"Perhaps humanity's greatest single achievement; 'Jerusalem' has stood valiantly as a bastion of hope against the tedium of the infamous 'Thursday Whole-School Assembly' for years innumerable. To desecrate such a piece with its exclusion (or, rather, discrimination) is tantamount to an abuse of these young men of Elizabeth College, who are merely yearning for a chance to learn, prosper, and of course sing."

On behalf of all the students of Elizabeth College, I think I can safely say that we would like it back. We will not cease from mental fight; nor shall our swords sleep in our hands until Jerusalem is reinstated as a college hymn, as it should be.

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