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We Walk For Water

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J. Christian Bollwage Finance Academy has a reputation to be one of the "less desirable" schools to attend, to say the least. Because our school used to be a part of Halsey, there may be images of violence, drugs, and dropouts when you think of our school. The only issue is -  we are just like any other high school. We have overachievers, slackers, athletic superstars etcetera. So, why are we being denied to host a life-changing event?

The WE Program ran by Ms. Johana Fiallo (Biology), Shamyah Bowers, Jose Magana, & Brandon Fernandez pitched an idea to save the lives of many Sierra Leonean children. WE intend to help out around the globe by donating water, making recycling initiatives and much more. We had a plan - an actual plan - to host a "lockdown" event overnight in which there is a $25 donation made by every student, and those $25 would provide water to a child in an unstable country ridden in poverty and poor infrastructure. 

Throughout the night we would walk around with a bucket of water, to symbolize how the children are forced to walk with for miles to get clean water. They miss school and do not receive an education because of the water, the process of waiting in lines etc. Many often fall ill due to the dirty water, and there are strong possibilities for you to get vicious bacteria. We would host challenges throughout the night & play games to keep everyone awake to support Sierra Leone. These activities included water-based games and physical tasks that would be really enjoyable for everyone involved. 

The Board of Education, however, thinks otherwise. We made a new proposal and moved our time to Saturday, April 14th from 11 AM through 8 PM & we STILL have to see whether that would be approved. We sold them everything - teacher & parent chaperones, GPA Requirement, and exclusion if you have ever been suspended. We were denied the right to host our event, even with help from the WE Organization who would have pitched into the event and aided us to make it even more successful. 

This is absolutely unfair to everyone in Bollwage Finance who wants to participate in this. Frank J. Cicarell Elizabeth High School is allowed to have an overnight event every year for the American Cancer Society - with much more liberal rules about who is allowed to attend. This is exactly the type of preference shown by the BOE towards FJCA. While many of the schools have infrastructure issues, insect problems and sometimes even rat infestations, most of the district funds go into building new schools and funding their "star player." They are playing favorites and are restricting us from making our idea come to life because of our school reputation. There is no reason why Elizabeth High School has certain privileges that we do not have because not everyone has the grades they wished we had. 

The presidents of our WE program refuse to be denied, and we need you to help us. Please sign & share this so we can host our event that will help a nation in poverty. We cannot do anything without teacher and/or student support. 


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