Parent Support For Louise Smith

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This petition has been set up to provide Kapinara families with a centralized opportunity to register their concern for the recent decision to not appoint Louise Smith as the permanent P.E teacher for Kapinara Primary School. It is also an avenue to demonstrate support and show appreciation for the significant positive impact that she has had on many students and the school community more broadly.

Our goal is to successfully appeal Louise's unsuccessful job application for permanency at Kapinara in 2019.

Personal story
Louise has worked at Kapinara in a part-time capacity for the past 5 years during which, in addition to her role, has invested significant time to coordinate a number of successful extra-curricular activities such as:
- running club twice a week before school in winter
- athletics training twice a week before school in winter
- inflatable soccer twice a week after school in summer
- swimming club twice a week before school in summer
- basketball coordination and coaching three times a week

As remarkable as her commitment is, to the physical health and well-being of her students, for many students and parents her greatest strength is in helping to raise children that are kind, considerate, tenacious and confident.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

"Holding high standards without providing a warm environment is merely harsh. A warm environment without high standards lack backbone. But if you can create a combination of high standards with a warm and supportive environment it will benefit all students, not just the high achievers." Lee Jussim.