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Keep Mr. Bozin at Willowdale Middle School

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Dear Students, Parents and Guardians at Willowdale Middle School;

We have been informed that a decision was made by the school board to transfer our current Vice-Principal, Mr. Marcello Bozin effective February 20, 2018. 

We request that Mr. Bozin continue as VP until the end of the year.

Mr. Bozin is being transferred in the middle of the school year, disrupting continuity and leadership within the school at the mid-point. If it is at all possible, it is our view that transfers should be done at the end of the school year so that students have consistent leaders in their school all year long that they know and trust with their concerns and problems. No reason whatsoever was given in the announcement for the mid-year transfer. The timing of this transfer is not fair or beneficial to students who rely on Mr. Bozin for guidance and support.

Willowdale is losing an excellent administrator who has a friendly rapport with the students and is helpful to solving their practical problems. He makes it a priority to know each student and makes their school a happy and fun place to be. Students trust him and he has a positive impact on the school. While we continue to support the leadership team at Willowdale, we do not see a practical rationale for moving a respected leader away from a school where he is having a positive impact. Where is the good for Willowdale’s students in that decision? 

Furthermore, while we understand that the TDSB is a big, complex organization, the standard policy of moving administrators around frequently should be reconsidered. Is it the right policy to benefit our schools? In this case, it does not seem so. Students want people leading their schools that they know, trust, and like. This is fundamentally important to how they feel about going to school each day. As parents, we feel the need to be a voice for our children who came home upset about this decision.


If you agree, please sign this petition so that we can demonstrate to our Superintendent Ms. Addo, how important it is to our children that Mr. Bozin finishes the year at Willowdale Middle School.  


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