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Elite: Dangerous - Revive Arena (CQC)!

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Rebuys is becoming a growing issue for those who love doing PvP in Elite: Dangerous. Players want to enjoy friendly matches, not in constant fear of how many rebuys they have left upon destruction. Sign this petition if you would like to see Frontier Developments work on further improvements, additions and fixes to their gamemode Arena (CQC). Key features FD should implement are the following:

- The ability to import your ship to Arena, without any rebuy costs or worries.

- A server browser should replace the current matchmaking system, as it can be sometimes hard to find other players around the world.

- Engineered, Un-Engineered and Mixed filters should be available when creating or finding a match. Competitive matches should also be taken in consideration.

- Slightly better payouts for matches. Competitive matches could have even higher payouts, as they are more challenging and rewarding.

- The new "Taipan" fighter.

These are some key examples FD needs to implement. If there are any other features I haven't listed, then a feedback thread for future Arena updates should be added on the forums for development.

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