Make Pornography Access More Difficult for Minors

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My generation, "Generation Z" has grown up entirely in the information age, social media, e-commerce, and complete internet freedom at the tips of our fingers and in the palms of our hands has become for us, a standard of living. This capability has allowed members of my generation to become more resourceful, more social, and individualistic. On the other hand, this free, uninterrupted access has let many members of my generation venture into places that they were never taught to handle, one of the most common is pornography. Over are the days when two friends would find their dad's playboy magazine, or steal a skin flick out of a DVD store, they can now access an unlimited database of photos, videos, and genres of pornography. This unlimited access, has had a detrimental effect on teens and young adults, especially males.


Research has found that stimulus from Porn is similar to any other drug in that it creates new brain channels and manipulates the size of the frontal lobes (part of the brain that makes decisions). One may argue that porn doesn't have the same health effects that alcohol and drugs do, but the real danger of porn is how accessible it is. It is very hard for a thirteen-year-old to obtain beer or drugs, but he can go home and watch porn on his phone all day. Because the brain is still very plastic at this age it is easy for it to be conditioned, and early access can lead to increasingly permanent changes. This also goes without mentioning that porn like any other drug requires increased doses or strength to maintain satisfaction. For a thirteen-year old who has just discovered online pornography, simple nude photos of women might be enough, but over time he may begin exploring further genres such as lesbian, hardcore, or much worse, something that can't be replicated in reality. Because it is so available, it also has an appeal over real world relationships, which can be complex and difficult, causing isolation. It is also important to note that when this becomes an addiction, it is much harder to break because there is no barrier between the individual and the substance, alcohol, drugs and gambling, all require going to a location and purchasing the product, but porn is in your phone and the computer you work on. Imagine trying to quit drinking with a bottle of alcohol in your hand, every single day.


I believe it is time the government made free pornography illegal, it’s the only sensible decision. In our current society where we require ID's for everything from beer to lottery tickets, why would we allow a 6th grader to access an unlimited database of addictive porn imagery. A law that that required all porn to be bought would block minors from access, since most online payments require age confirmation. Of course this method will not completely censor minors from pornographic imagery, but it will at least slow the rate of exposure.

 There is no reason for porn to be free, adults who truly want it, can pay for it, the same way erotic imagery has been accessed for centuries. 

A good article on Porn Addiction:


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