Elise Stefanik (R) to resign from office as representative of New York’s 21st District

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Elise Stefanik (R- Schuylerville) objected to certifying the results of the 2020 Presidential election. She specifically questioned the legitimacy of the elections in Georgia,Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan without any just cause. 

As an elected official Elise Stefanik selfishly used her public platform to fan the flame of Donald Trump and his supporters. She, and others will now feign naivete and shock at the domestic terror attack on our Capitol 1/6/2020. We will not let her get away with her insidious behaviour.

Representatives like Stefanik are elected to office to speak on behalf of their constituents and should not be permitted to usurp that given power and use it as a means to defy the US Constitution for their own gain. Stefanik, during her career has voted with Trump 77.8% of the time and continues to prove she is in his pocket. 

The Constitution does not support objections to election results DESPITE how Stefanik twists the document's intentions. There is no justification, beyond selfish pandering, for her silence against Donald Trump and his insurrectious rhetoric. He and his supporters, including Stefanik, are the reason for the disgrace to our nation which took place against the Capitol. Her failure to speak out against,or fault Donald Trump even after the saddening display Jan. 6th further proves her unyielding support.

We will not let her continue to make a mockery of her elected office and demand she resign for her part in attempting to upend democracy.