Parents/Guardians rights to be at court proceedings regarding the death of their child.

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Many of you may have heard about my son Jari’s death and the way this happened.

He was run down and left for dead on the side of the road.

This matter will be in court for quite sometime.

Ive been told I’m not “allowed” to attend any appearances that his “alleged” killer attends regarding his death.

This is MY son, he has NO ONE to stand there for him, I as his mother feel in every inch of my body that I should be there re these matters.

Sadly, I’m not the only parent that is going through this, I have many msgs from people grieving who have no idea what is happening behind those doors re their child.

So wrong!!

Im hoping to change this so that mums/dads/nans/pops and so on can be present in the room when the death of their child is being discussed.

We, as parents delivered our babies into this world, we most certainly should have the right to be present when discussion around our babies is the “topic” in the room!

I understand that it’s important for media to cover our lost children’s story but please!? How do they have more of a right to be there than we as parents of our deceased child?!!

I would really appreciate as many signings and shares of this as possible as it’s just got to change.

We can get escorted in and out if need be....please just let us be a part of OUR child’s death!