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To be able to claim full and true costs when winning a civil judgement

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I run a small plumbing and heating business and have been the target of rogue customers a few times now who arbitrarily decide to withhold money for no legitimate reason. They do so because they know it will cost us more money in the long run to claim the money back through the courts.

This is because we are prevented from claiming back all the real expenses including time taken to prepare paper work etc and time off of work to attend court.

The result is that many businesses just end up writing this off and chalking it up to experience. There are some customers out there who are serial non payers who end up getting lots of work done free of charge.

The amount owed by customers to businesses is far greater than that owed by businesses to customers and the scales seem to be tilted in customers favour.

Not just businesses but anyone after winning a case should be able to claim back the full costs and associated costs for having the aggravation of needing to take things to court in the first place.

Businesses are going out of business because of this all the time and the law needs to be changed to prevent it from continuing. People wouldn’t do it in the first place if they knew that that there was real potential for it costing them far more in the end.

We had to cancel our holiday last year as a result of one such customer who had decided she wasn't going to pay. I have since learned that there are a host of other plumbing companies that have been knocked by her.

A change in the law would of course be applicable no matter which foot the boot was on.

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