Full sick and isolation pay at Elis Laundry

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In a public health crisis all workers should ensure they can be safe. No one should be forced into a dangerous situation due to poverty or financial detriment as they could put themselves and others at greater risk.

It is a vital that all workers in the workplace whether directly-employed or outsourced and regardless of contractual status, are guaranteed full pay from day one of any self-isolation or sickness absence. Without these measures, the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus will be quicker and therefore far more deadly.

Elis Laundry are contracted to launder for the NHS, we must ensure they have the strongest possible health and safety arrangements.

For Elis Laundry Staff to be safe they must:

- be guaranteed full pay from day one of any self-isolation due to symptoms, medically recommended isolation or sickness absence

- get more frequent breaks for hand-washing and adequate supplies of soap, water and any necessary PPE.

We call on the government to ensure all NHS contractors follow these basic public health precautions.