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Elior North America must serve our families healthier foods now!

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My name is Nina Divinny and I have a 12-year-old son named Benton who is a student in the St. Louis school district. I work hard to make sure my son gets all the nutrition he needs to grow strong and healthy, and I’m frustrated that all my hard work is continually undercut by the disease-promoting foods served by food service provider Elior North America at my son’s school.

As the nation’s fifth largest food service provider, Elior is responsible for serving food in hospitals, offices, universities, and schools like my son’s. As a student, my son doesn’t have a choice about what he is served. Food service companies, like Elior and its subsidiaries, decide.  

Despite repeated attempts to work with Elior staff at my son’s school to improve the nutrition quality of meals served, their menus continue to feature too much unhealthy food like greasy chicken sandwiches, known disease-causing processed meats, foods high in cholesterol like egg products and cheeseburgers, and not enough of the health-promoting foods recommended by organizations like The Mayo Health Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and The Obesity Action Coalition.

The evidence is clear: top nutrition experts consistently emphasize the importance of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains and note the disease-causing effects of meat and egg products. Food served at schools should be the gold standard of nutrition, both because that is the place where our children learn and develop healthy habits and because our children need nutritious, nourishing food in order to learn their best.

Too many days, my son comes home hungry from school because he didn’t want to eat any of the unhealthy options they were serving at lunch. That’s why I’m passionate about standing up for change and why I'm working with Balanced, a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting healthier foods served at schools like my son’s, to find solutions to the challenges many parents face across the country.

Even while other food service companies, like Chartwells, have adopted policies that put the health of their customers first, Elior continues to put their profits ahead of our health.​

Please, sign this petition to tell Elior to put our health first by replacing 20% of the unhealthy meat and egg products they buy and serve with more servings of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains on all their menus.

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