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Eliminating violence in our community by raising awareness and by creating youth arts programs.

The youth of today are misguided and lack support. The Canadian government must launch new programs for youth to allow them to focus and hone their skills in becoming productive adults. Mayor Rob Ford voted against launching new community programs to help. Mentors are ready to provide the guidance youth require, we must provide new programs available to them immediately. We shouldn't have to wait for such crisis to irrupt in our community to motivate action. Toronto isn't the safest city in the world, as Rob Ford proclaims, if gun violence continues to rattle, in malls and our local communities. The children are truly our future and the key to ending gun violence in our city. Young adults are deterred from violence and gang activity, when shown they can do better, be better and rise up as leaders in their communities. If given the opportunity to better themselves through after-school and summer arts programs - they can excel into adulthood - fully prepared to achieve greatness through their passions. Salemscript Productions Inc. is committed to organizing more programs for youths through and other media outlets in the City of Toronto and surrounding areas - and through non-for profit organizations currently in development. As well as, through the organization of festivals and charitable community events. Petition with us and demand peace, safety, love and levity for our youths of today.


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    The Province of Ontario and Mayor Rob Ford

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