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Eliminate the murder of dogs in the carbon monoxide gas chamber in Yadkin County Animal Shelter

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I was disturbed to learn of the practices performed at the Yadkin County Animal Shelter, specifically the barbaric murdering of domestic pets in the carbon monoxide gas chamber.  I learned about this practice in Yadkin County from articles posted on and on  Due to silent county commissioners, Yadkin County continues to ignore the federal Animal Welfare Act of 1966.

Murdering of domestic animals by throwing them alive into a metal trash receptacle and gassing them is not a humane form of euthanasia. Unavoidable euthanasia should be practiced by pharmaceutical injection in a more caring and safe setting so to not further cause unnecessary pain or suffering to the domestic animal(s) in question.

This lack of humanity and disregard for animal life greatly concerns and troubles me,  for it is not only the murdered animals who will suffer, but also the individuals who are asked or required to perform such heinous crimes.  I wonder what the devastating consequences of such psychological pain and suffering on the lives of the perpetrators and their families might be.  Such mental trauma does not simply vaporize when the lives of these innocent animals are extinguished.

Although this inaction to the heinous crime mentioned above does little for the image of North Carolina, and Yadkin County specifically, it certainly speaks volumes of the elected politicians and the news agencies in North Carolina.

Urge your elected politicians to fight for legislation which would reduce, if not completely eliminate, such animal cruelty.


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