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Eliminate fly-tipping in Crewe

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Fly-tipping and the uncontrolled casual dumping of waste has become a significant problem in Crewe, in recent years. In 2015, over 1000 incidents were reported in just six months leading up to November whilst within the Cheshire East authority area it is stated that 80% of fly-tipping instances occur within Crewe.

The effect of this problem is widespread and damaging. It creates a dangerous spiral of decline in pride, dignity and respect in the areas affected; it divides communities, and creates resentment and tensions between different sections of the population. On a wider perspective the problem damages the reputation of Crewe and creates negative perceptions of the town, impacting business, education, retail, leisure and other services.

The causes of the problem, and its rapid increase, are undoubtedly complex. They need to be tackled comprehensively.

Social media reveals a strong desire amongst Crewe residents to see steps taken to address the problem. These steps need to be much more than promoting the means to report individual incidents - this simply fosters a culture of "report - clean up - repeat" and does not address root causes.

We ask all Crewe Town Councillors to make the elimination of fly-tipping a real priority. We call upon them to take an assertive, resolute and positive stand against this problem on behalf of their ward constituents and to work with the Leader of Cheshire East Council Rachel Bailey to secure the committed support of Cheshire East in identifying, developing and implementing programmes of education, community and cultural engagement, landlord and property owner support and enforcement, coupled with the provision of effective funding of these programmes.

The aim must be to eliminate fly-tipping in the town within a realistic but clearly-identified timescale through the:

  1. development of better awareness across all social groups
  2. investment in the community and environment as a reward mechanism for improvements delivered, and
  3. rigorous enforcement of penalties for repeated failures by individuals and property owners.

It is not enough to just keep clearing up. We need to change behaviours. This will require concerted long-term effort, driven by the local political system i.e. local Councillors and funded appropriately with the direct support of the Cheshire East authority.

Crewe deserves to regain its pride and dignity. Even if the problem has not affected your area of Crewe, it does affect the reputation of Crewe in general - please help to change this by adding your support to this petition.

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