To protect and have a better environment

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             We are petitioning to eliminate the problems in the community. All the people in the community are affected to all the environmental problems. Plastic waste management is one of the common problems in every community. This waste can block all the passage ways of the water mostly the cannal area. It can take hundred years to decompose a plastic. This problem can build a long term issue for People, animals and plants. The population is continuously growing thats why human can produce more garbage. Everyone should be responsible to their environment. We want to protect and achieve a better community. We need to keep our environment clean and healthy. 

             We are seeking for help from the community to take action about this issue. A little thing can change everything. We can make possible ways to solve the problem. Making a project or program to make everyone aware about their environment. Reducing the use of plastic is a big help. Start Recycling and conserve energy for the future. The Businesses should be educated and change the way of their packaging and stop using platics. Implement the 4R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore).