Eliminate Edmonton's Sound Radar

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There is a new ruling in Edmonton that goes beyond just our fellow car, bike, and truck enthusiast. They are now taking aim at concerts and music festivals as well. This city used to be deemed as a tourist hot spot, supporting festivals, events and activities to bring people from all over to our city. It used to be a city where you could express yourself, but now due to a small minority of residents, that is all changing.

This city, after getting complaints from a minority of residents here in Edmonton, has decided to implement “sound radars” to try and counter “loud vehicles”. As a car enthusiast myself, I take this as direct threat to my pastime, hobby and passion. Myself and other enthusiasts can all vouch that the reason we modify our cars isn't “to be noticed” or to “disturb the peace”, we do it for ourselves because it makes US happy. Our cars, trucks and bikes are what we sometimes use to represent who we are and it brings us closer together as a community. And for our biker friends, they don’t make their exhausts loud because they think it will be funny, they do it for safety. The loud exhausts on these bikes are used to make sure that other motorists know of their presence and it is needed with Edmonton drivers. In fact  a lot of bikes come from factory already over the proposed decibel limit.

Things have gotten out of hand that now the yearly charity, Racing for a Cure, is no longer allowed to run because of noise complaints from the downtown area. For those that don't know, Racing for a Cure is an event that for years has been raising money for the Kids with Cancer Society and usually runs on a weekend afternoon. This charity raises thousands of dollars each year for a great cause and people felt that their afternoon peace in their downtown apartment in the metropolis of Alberta was of greater importance. What if we treated other events with this mentality?  K-Days parade, the Gay Pride parade, Grey Cup or hockey events. Should these all be banned as well? Noise is part of living in a city (downtown or suburbs) whether people like it or not. It has been this way for decades. People should have realized this before moving next to a busy street, busy area or downtown.

That is why this petition is here, to organize and get our voices heard. Show that we will not be pushed around and suffer because others chose to live in a busy metropolis. Show that us Edmontonians will not stand to have what makes us happy and bring us enjoyment deemed illegal because a few people can’t enjoy their “afternoon tea” (reference from a news interview). Just think, if we took away others hobbies like biking, gardening, hockey or woodworking, would that be fair to them? No. So why is it okay for these people to do it to us? Traffic tickets are meant to keep us safe, and having a loud exhaust isn’t hurting or endangering others. Letting the “sounds radars” be implemented will only give the people more power. Who knows what's next, like stated earlier, they are already going after music festivals and concerts. Let's stop this city before things get out of hand and lets bring Edmonton back to the great city it used to be be.