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Eliminate all private funding from state and national elections! Sign and share.

It is about time to get all private money out of our elections. Due to the Citizens United case where corporations are allowed to invest in our elections without disclosure I feel it is necessary to stop the way lobbyists, corporations, PAC's, or any citizen use contributions to not only decide who gets to run for office but what they should do once they are in office. By eliminating all private funds from elections, we contribute to the ideal that each candidate must have ideas that align with the voters in order to not only run for office but to get elected. Public financing of elections should allow us to do this.The total amount spent on any candidacy will come from a governmental elections commission who will supply each candidate with the same amount per office, equally, according to the representation being sought. Example: A Senate candidate will require greater funds than a Representative candidate; a Presidential candidate will require more than a Senatorial candidate.

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