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It is about time to get all private money out of our elections. Due to the Citizens United case where corporations are allowed to invest in our elections without disclosure I feel it is necessary to stop the way lobbyists, corporations, PAC's, or any citizen use contributions to not only decide who gets to run for office but what they should do once they are in office. By eliminating all private funds from elections, we contribute to the ideal that each candidate must have ideas that align with the voters in order to not only run for office but to get elected. Public financing of elections should allow us to do this.The total amount spent on any candidacy will come from a governmental elections commission who will supply each candidate with the same amount per office, equally, according to the representation being sought. Example: A Senate candidate will require greater funds than a Representative candidate; a Presidential candidate will require more than a Senatorial candidate.

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The U.S. House of Representatives
The only way to get special interests out of our election process is to eliminate private financing. When private financing is used to place candidates on ballots it hurts our democracy in that those who do not believe as the wealthy contributors do are left with few opportunities to serve the public. Regardless of their creative and thoughtful positions on issues the ones with little money have an impossible time of getting their message out against those with unlimited funds. With the conclusion reached in Citizens United the realization comes clear that those with little money, but honest ideals, have little chance of running for office.
With corporations and their heavily bankrolled super pacs at the disposal of candidates who are influenced by their donors interests little can be done to make positive change against the interests of the wealthy contributors. This is not how the intent of representation was supposed to be implemented. Each citizen in our Democracy must have a say as to our country's direction. The way it is now, the direction is being guided by special interests. It is unlikely that the interests of the corporations is the same as those of us citizens.
We must take back our electoral process by eliminating private financing of elections and secure public financing when all candidates can show they are truly viable through a percentage of signatures from constituents in their districts.

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