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Trying to change the justice system that is skewed and not in favor of its citizens.
After facing a similar situation that I'm going to present I'm hoping for change.
Maryland (MD) residents that faces criminal charges that are dismissed or found NOT GUILTY are dealt an unfair deal.
Now, if a citizen of MD is charged with a crime, that crime is placed in a database that becomes public record. An individual case can go either way depending on the evidence presented. In the case of an individual found NOT GUILTY the charge/s stays on public records. Also individuals that are found NOT GUILTY have the opportunity to expunge their case but there's a catch 22.
1. It takes 3-6 months for the EXPUNGEMENT process, and
2. Theres an EXPUNGEMENT filing fee attached for a NOT GUILTY finding. Yea, one might argue that "there's so much that comes with an expungement" such as destroying of files, and notifying different departments involved. But why am I still paying for that? The state should pick up that tab. Maybe as a way of saying we are sorry.
For an individual seeking employment this can be very difficult. Though a case may say dismissed or not guilty, and an individual is looking for a job, employers can be bias when seeing such charges on a person's record. Most individuals like myself finds it very difficult to even find that EXPUNGEMENT fee after being financially depleted. Even more,WHY should an individual find expungement fee when they were found not guilty? I'm seeking change that citizens should walk out of court after a dismissed case with NO remnants of something that an individual was found NOT GUILTY of. That person charged with a crime has suffered enough why put them through more suffering? How can this be fair to an individual who had a life prior, especially a case that went on for almost a year. This has destroyed and humiliated lives.
Change I'm seeking is, once there's a NOT GUILTY, that record should be wiped clean immediately. An individual should be able to get back to the community, find employment and not employers judging or denying them a job opportunity because of a false accusation they were found NOT GUILTY of.

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