Congressional Hearings on Child Separations NOW

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As of today thousands of children are still separated from their parents as a result of the inhumane policy of the Trump.

Besides the fact that US foreign policy is responsible for creating the asylum seekers, it absolutely unacceptable that our government is refusing people seeking refuge the basic rights that are to be afforded to asylum seekers per international law.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement  (ORR) or the DHHS clearly never had a plan to reunite these families and also seem to be using extortion to force parents to stop asylum applications. The problem is that the administration does not feel that they are accountable because Congress is not exercising its oversight authority.

We demand that Congress hold hearings & call in the HHS secretary and the Director of ORR in to let the American Public know exactly how they intend to reunite the separated families; why they are extorting these powerless families; why they  are charging the parents for the DNA tests and airfares so parents can be reunited with their kids.