Grandeview Estates Homeowners Petition

Grandeview Estates Homeowners Petition

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Petition to
Eligible GVE Association Voters

Why this petition matters

Started by Montreal Bell

Grandeview Estates Community Members:

The GVE Board of Directors (led by Kimberly Rose, President) hired Exclusive Association Management to handle the affairs of the community and represent them in matters involving homeowners. At the direction of the Board of Directors, GVE Homeowners have been harassed all summer with violation notices and fines at an excessive level.

When attempts to reach Board Members to discuss concerns have been made, the Board of Directors has rejected the opportunity to interact with the homeowners in the community. The inability to communicate with the Board directly has put Homeowners in jeopardy of losing voting rights in the Association and created tension and division in the community.

Because the Board of Directors is refusing to engage with GVE Homeowners as neighbors to hear concerns and receive feedback, it is necessary to have a Special Meeting to discuss and vote on the removal of the Board Members who are opposed to finding solutions to community issues with the people in the neighborhood.

If you agree that it is time to take action, please sign this Petition and begin the process of moving forward to having a Board of Directors that interacts with its Homeowners and resolves issues with the community.


34 have signed. Let’s get to 50!