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The New York Times home page,, reports on education news and provides a number of resources for educators, students, and those interested in education issues. However, the link to education news is currently listed under the links to classifieds, corrections, and crosswords (see, left hand column, midway down the page). Given the importance of education and the amplitude of the current discussions and debates in the field, we believe it deserves a more prominent placement.

Sign the petition to Elevate Education on! With your support, education will have increased visibility on and share the same space with world news, politics, business, technology, health, science and travel!


Letter to
The New York Times Company Mr. Arthur Brisbane, Public Editor
The New York Times Company Managing Editor
The New York TImes Company Executive Editor
We the undersigned believe that education is critical. While its importance is currently defined by the national debate on school reform and its link to our nation's economic competitiveness, we believe in the ubiquity of education. As both productive members of society and readers of, we are indebted to the role that education, teaching, and learning play in virtually all aspects of our daily lives.

Given the magnitude of education's importance and amplitude of the current discussions and debates in the field, we would like to suggest that create a bold, capitalized link to the education section on the left hand side of its home page, placed with the other news sections (see We believe that such placement will increase the visibility of education news on and provide readers greater access to the education news and resources that provides.

Furthermore, we are concerned about the possible message is sending to its readership by placing the link to education under the same section as classifieds, corrections, and crosswords. As committed readers of, we are hopeful that your organization's own commitment to the reporting and discussion of education news is worthy of a major link.

We ask that The New York Times give education news greater visibility on the home page. Please elevate education so that it shares the same space with the links to world news, business, politics, technology, science, and travel! Education is currently positioned as a news section on the Global home page (see, please follow suit on the U.S. site.

Thank you for your action on this important issue.