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Endangered, Indonesian elephants are being poisoned for cheap palm oil!  

Sumatran elephants are losing vital habitat with over nine million acres of the Indonesian forest erradicated by the palm oil industry.  In their daily quest for food, the elephants find themselves dangerously close to palm oil plantations, where they are deliberately being poisoned.

Palm oil can be found in many common products including commercial baked goods - GIRL SCOUT COOKIES - lotions, and shampoos, to name a few.  

The latest victim was a 18 year old female elephant, found dying by the roadside, poisoned!  It gets even sadder, as her baby was seen trying to wake up his mother.  The baby, taken to a sanctuary, was sickened by drinking his mother's poisoned milk and heartbroken over the loss of his mother, also died.    

With less than 3,000 elephants left in the region with no protection, it is easily predicted by Jakarta officials, that these magestic animals will be lost to the money machine that is palm oil.  

The consumption of palm oil is also very bad for human health.  

Please, Girls Scouts of America, insist that your cookie bakery use a healthier oil, for the future of Indonesian elephants and for the health of your supporters.  Nabisco, stop poisoning elephants by using palm oil and stop slowly poisoning your customers!  Proctor and Gamble - have a conscience and find a more ecologically friendly oil for your shampoos and lotions!   

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