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Elementary level students in Sparta Township need more lunch/recess time

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Currently, the children at the elementary school level in Sparta Township have 14 minutes of recess and 25 minutes dedicated for lunch. With the amount of children attending these schools, that is translating to far less time than they need. Kids are not finishing their lunches and throwing away food on a daily basis the same days that they spend over 2 hours on ELA and over an hour on Math -- at 5, 6 and 7 years old. Many elementary schools in our surrounding areas, including Lafayette and Randolph, have managed to implement 30 minutes for each and the staff and students have been very satisfied with the outcomes. When this solution was presented to our administrators, so far, we have been met with the response "We do not want to reduce instructional time if we do not have to." After seeing lunchtime at the elementary school firsthand and watching the last child off the lunch line have 10 1/2 minutes until clean-up... it is our opinion that they have to. With some hard work and creative thinking, we believe that it can be the policy for all elementary levels, K-5. Please sign below to join the conversation and persuade these administrators to consider adopting a 30/30 policy for lunch and recess. Change is always possible, it just depends on what your priorities are.

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Jennifer Grana

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