Sims 4 Developers/EA to listen to players suggestions

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Ever since the Sims 4 was released there is just a number of complaints from fans who have been playing since the beginning of Sims. All of the complaints are 100% right. Every time I see a post come up on the Sims Facebook page, the comments section is full of great suggestions, but also real complaints about the game.

This petition is for EA/Maxis to set up a page like this one (Spark NZ App Feedback where users can suggest an idea and others vote on that idea saying if they agree or don't)  to start taking in ideas from its users of the Sims 4 

 Stop trying to milk every penny out of players for stuff packs that should have been included in the original game or expansion packs... Laundry day stuff.... My First Pet stuff... Toddler stuff...