Sims 4 babies overhaul - EA GAMES

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!

Hi all, 

Us simmers need to stick together! Are you bored of not being able to do anything with your babies?

I'm requesting that electronic arts, EA gaming, help us by improving Whats in the game play already.


We want to be able to dress our babies, hairstyles, outfits. 

Be able to have playmats and use change fables. 

Be able to use prams, watch them grow up outside of a cot, being able to walk around and do stuff with them. 

We should be able to feed,bathe,dress,change clothes and all together overhaul them!

Baby monitors that send text messages instead of the notification of social workers coming
ultrasounds, gynocologist appointments/midwife.
Births including water birth or vaginal delivery.
Baby carriers/slings.
Rockers, playmats, bouncers
Be able to walk,sit and move around with the baby, 
teach them to roll, and babble, teach to crawl, say first words.
Different sorts of cots and bassinets, co sleeping available.

Ive tried contacting them through Twitter, I've had people share and comment and nothings been done. 


Please fix this!

If simmers have any suggestions on what else to do with the babies, please sign and leave a comment with your suggestion.