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Show Game Developers We Won't Support Micro-Transactions Ruining Our Games!

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We, the gamers, your customers, are tired of paying full price for a game, just to find out that we need to pull out our wallets once again if we wish to have all the game content.

Being able to pay your way to the top does not make the game more enjoyable, it does not enhance the user experience, nor is it fair towards players who cannot afford to pay extra money when they're put up against other players who have paid for the best gear or characters in the game. 

Loot boxes, as they're commonly called in games with micro-transactions serve no purpose other than to charging players extra money for features and content that they should already have access to when paying for the game in the first place. This conveys the message that you, the developers, couldn't care less about our gaming experience and are only interested in finding creative new ways to give us less content for a higher price.

I would like to argue that this isn't a necessary tactic to increase your revenue. Take Blizzard's game Overwatch for example. They also offer loot boxes and micro-transactions, the only difference is is that those loot boxes don't give the player an advantage over other players. It's purely cosmetic items that can be earned regardless of whether the player pays for them with their own money. The argument isn't that all micro-transactions are bad, merely that it's bad if it gives players items/characters/content that could give the paying players an advantage over non-paying players. Games like Overwatch have found a lot of success in offering these purely cosmetic loot boxes.

Until game developers cease to include pay-to-win or paying extra for content that should already be in the game, we the people signing this petition, will refuse to buy any new games produced containing these micro-transactions. 

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