Mass Effect Andromeda 2: We were too harsh with the first, but wasn't a bad game

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Mass Effect Andromeda has been fixed and improved with every patch released, and the community should accept that has been too harsh with this game. I liked it, it had bugs, that's true, but was a really incredible game, with a really good history and a lot of missions and locations to descover and explore. New species, new worlds, new enemies, a whole new galaxy.

When i finished the game, i said: Andromeda 2 must be released in 2 or 3 years. The problem was some people, thinking games can be done easily. They dont know the hard work behind the game. I still don't understand how they could ignore another bugs in other games, and make that kind of harsh critics to Andromeda.

With this petition, i hope you, EA and BioWare, reconsider make Mass Effect: Andromeda 2, because you only listened and considered the bad critics, and didn't ask to all franchise players what we want. Of course, is not a perfectioned game like others, so many bugs, it's ok, you fixed them, and made the game playable. I'm decided to have hope in a second Andromeda, with less or none bugs (last harder than first) that continues the big history that Andromeda can bring us.

So yes, most of us value the work and the time you spent on first game, and yes, we want a Mass Effect Andromeda 2.