Make Electronic Arts sell the Command&Conquer franchise to a competent RTS developer

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Command and conquer is one of those franchises that since its Inception has managed to conquer the hearts of its player base. The original developer Westwood set out to create a game that exemplified what a real time strategy game could be. Over the years we were lucky to have many amazing command and conquer titles from Westwood. Unfortunately Westwood was bought by Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts as a company is one that tends to look at profits over player base. They're handling of the command & Conquer series and many other series that have died undignified deaths at their hands bear that out. Furthermore the latest iteration of Command and Conquer as a mobile game is what we might call twisting the knife in a series that has been time and time again butchered in front of its dedicated fan base. What the fans demand is that Electronic Arts relinquish control of the command and Conquer franchise. This can be done either by sale, or if they wish to atone for their sins, for free to a developer that knows real time strategy games. Preferably to a developer that has folded former Westwood employees into its ranks. This franchise deserves better, the fans deserve better. Electronic Arts you stand to make next to nothing off of the command and Conquer franchise as it stands. If you truly care about the players as you keep trying to tell us through your re-branding efforts then do the compassionate thing and sell the command and Conquer franchise.

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