Have DICE enable votekick ability on all Official DICE Battlefield 1 Servers

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My petition is to place game-play balance in the player's hands to remove cheaters from servers.

When Cheaters appear on a server, in order to report them, you must press escape, select player list, click on the player's name, wait for the browser to load their profile page, click a tiny arrow next to their "add friend" button, select report player from the drop down list, and then fill out a petition. Most new people don't know how to do this, especially if they have their Origin overlay disabled. And sometimes the origin overlay has to be disabled due to performance issues which eliminates some players from reporting. And i think the report function is buried to reduce the hassle EA customer care reps have to deal with as cheating is so huge now, as it's a million dollar industry.

To combat this all I ask is that a simple "!votekick" be added to every single official dice BF1 server due to the absolute absence of administrators. And that when a cheater is kicked "for cheating", that their account be flagged for inspection.

This will use the community to farm hackers at a greater rate than Battlefield's anti cheater system can keep up with.

After all, I assume that with the anti-cheat system already in place, there must be a framework for this all to happen. But i suspect DICE isn't including vote-kick, as they are testing out their anti-cheat system's integrity to be included in BF5... while we suffer in game.

I ask that the report function stay intact at the same time as an auto flagging system be in-placed to cross referencing for both a report and a kick due to cheating an help distinguish cheaters.

They act with pre-meditated initiative to ruin the product we spend money to hold the license for.

I'm only setting up this petition, I'm not willing to take responsibility for how its achieved. If the community wants this to happen they need to get their finger out and do something about it as a group. So sign the petition and lets show EA our collective minds.

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