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Fire EA Sports Lead Producer Sean Ramjagsingh.

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Since 2008, the NHL video game franchise has steadily degraded into what is now a complete departure from accurate hockey simulation. This is due in part to the fact that Sean Ramjagsingh thinks he is catering to the "next generation of NHL players". While I understand that EA Sports needs to cater to all types of fans, the fact that most of the gameplay has been replaced with "fancy moves", and "new dekes" is simply unacceptable.

An example of this is the migration away from the single player experience in favor of online, and "pay to play" modes, such as Hockey Ultimate Team, and NHL 3's. These modes, while maybe fun, are a completely inaccurate portrayal of the basis of hockey. Video game hockey is not all about scoring fancy goals, and highlight reel moves. Hockey is gritty and made up of small battles contributing to a complete game between two teams.

Sean Ramjagsingh is only interested in "big plays", and "highlight reel scoring". That's not hockey. It's exhibition.

The purpose of this petition is to call attention to the fact that ever since the jump to next-gen console gaming, the game has backtracked in an irreversible way. I want this petition to bring focus to EA Sports Canada so that they may be better managed or hopefully, replaced with developers that are wholly dedicated to the game of hockey.

There is more content to be had in NHL Legacy Edition for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, than the sum of NHL's 15-18 combined.

A final example of this would be a comparison between both online and offline modes in the previously mentioned games. You can drive a custom player through his career while engaging with the coach, the media, and your teammates in Be a Pro for Legacy Edition. You can join friends online and GM a team with them against others. However, all you can do in the next-gen games are play a single match online against a random or a friend, or play EASHL or HUT. The single player and engaging multiplayer options have been missing since 2015 and never been brought back even after thousands of requests.

I hope EA takes the time to read this and realize this is not the opinion of just one player, but many. We want our hockey game back.


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