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DICE Consider Alternate "Campaign DLC" for Battlefront II EA

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First and foremost, this is NOT to try to force EA or DICE to make the content we desire, this is simply to show support for the ideal, and that we would back up that support with money. If you wouldn't intend to buy the "Campagin DLC", don't sign this. 

Captain Shack posted a video on June 12, 2017 an idea regarding what a piece of the community wants, story driven Star Wars games. He specifically talks about Campaign DLC (in the case of the video it was mainly regarding a Campaign he envisioned based on the "Clone Wars Animated" series). 

A large portion of the Star Wars fan community wish for more story driven games/campaigns in the Star Wars Universe. 

A good way to remedy the lack of games while still providing the stories we desire would be to take a developed platform, like the currently in development Star Wars Battlefront 2, and use that as a platform to ease the workload on creating more content so that it can be more cost effectively be delivered to the consumer. 

It would be great to see multiple Campaign DLC storylines added to Battlefront 2, especially because the Single Player experience DLC wouldn't divide the community like Multiplayer DLC, but it would provide extra content that we desire for the game. 

So, PLEASE consider this. 

Thank you. 

**This isn't a petition meaning to "force" EA or EA DICE to create Single Player Campaign DLC
**This isn't a petition meaning to cause any change to happen in specific.
**This petition was made simply to show support for an idea so that EA and EA DICE can see what the community wants in an easy to see manner. 

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