Electronic Arts and Blankmediagames: Buying Town of Salem is not a good deal.

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If EA buying Town of Salem passes, than I will predict that EA will not make much of a profit from doing so, due to their bad reputation in the past with overpriced DLC, loot boxes, and underdeveloped effort with producing their content that their consumers want. It would be bad for both businesses on their part, since both companies who are involved in this deal (Electronic Arts and Blankmediagames) both want to capitalize and make more profit and market shares on the success of Town of Salem, which may lead to some backfiring and more importantly, profit loss on both of their parts.

To begin with, EA has already had a history in the past with treating their employees like nobodies, (illegally underpaying graphic artists and extending their work hours [1]) and poorly messing up release dates of games (ex. SimCity, where their DRM prevents people from not playing offline so nobody could play it on the first few days of release [2].) Electronic Arts is also known to not release many new titles/updates from game studios that they bought and shut down game studios and game servers. Examples of these include: Maxis, Victory Games, Wildfire Studios, Pop-Cap, Mythic Entertainment, and some games that were impacted in the franchises section include Battlefield and the free-to-play Command and Conquer. I accept and respect the fact that businesses need to make money and to save money in order to pay their bills and taxes and also Blankmediagames isn't making much money from trying to sell things using real money that are inside of the game, but its not fair on a level where it significantly directly affects the games' community of consumers, which can impact the success or the failure of a game. 

I predict that a lot of Town of Salem employees will not stay working at EA for that long because of EA's policies, like what happened with Microsoft when they bought out Rare. EA will probably lose a good chunk of jobs too, which won't be good for either business to succeed.

I think it's better to allow for equal growth to be made (like what BMG did to compete with Throne of Lies) so that competition can be made in between companies. EA has already acted like much of a monopoly/trust by buying out franchises and companies like Maxis, Pop Cap, and Star Wars Battlefront. It's not good for your part in the industry and economy if you decide to sell and buy Town of Salem, it will be the larger company trying to scam and rob (in a way) the smaller company of their fortune and fame in the long run by bribing the smaller company (in this case, BMG) for better pay in the long run because nobody will win from this deal, I feel.

If EA does buy Town of Salem (which will most likely happen), than hereby I will no longer play Town of Salem and I will no longer support EA's products. EA was already voted as the worst company in America ahead of Bank of America due to their greediness and shadiness. 

Also, if EA buys ToS, then I don't think that ToS will be around for that long. I think it may still gain a bit of popularity if EA decides to market the game and put it on Origin (EA's gaming platform that isn't that popular to begin with). 10 years from now, EA will force ToS to shut itself down and EA would have to accept a profit loss most likely.

BMG, If the franchise needs truly succeed then we will purchase new role DLC's to compensate to help your business rather than to buy things from a Triple A company. It wouldn't cost that much to make new roles and plus it gives mostly positive feedback from us, your loyal customers. This and your Kickstarters have mainly been used from you before to be used as the main way of profit.

Also, EA buying the franchise out would mean that there would be less of a community control (which Indie devs need and mostly rely on) which in turns weakens the positive feedback from your customers, and in turn leaves the game with almost nobody playing it, which is bad for business and the games' popularity. Since EA first bought out the developer of the Sims (Maxis), fans who are also were the consumers of the companies who originally thought up these great franchises moved to play other games who had devs and owners that were more consumer-friendly. General development and progress in these games felt slow and not very processed at all.

What makes Town of Salem such a great game is its community fan base, even though there are tons of toxic players here and there (I agree that something needs to be done about this); a lot of people have still have been positively impacted by the game. People who play the game are able to contribute, share ideas about the game, work together as a team and give their feedback on the game. Imagine if a huge company takes all of that away from us by not putting much standard effort and overpriced stuff in the game. It's now not very fun.

On a personal note, Town of Salem has impacted my life as a gamer. It encourages players to think critically in a short amount of time by determining who is truthful and who is lying. The game teaches us that we can all make mistakes whether its lynching the wrong person or killing a wrong player by not paying attention to the role list, heh heh. The game also employs the essence of co-op by promoting active teamwork either by providing an investigative result to determine who's today's lynch, shooting an evil as a Vigilante from what the town told you to do, doing the Bodyguard and Doctor combo, or by working together as Mafia to get mislynches, which can either be the difference between a win and a loss. It's one of those games where you can use the skills that the game has taught you to be more successful in life, which I think it's good for games to teach you these things. Who knows, I might use these good skills in the future in order to save a person's life! 

Summary: If EA buys ToS, then the consumers and employees will be negatively affected by this change. EA and BMG will both lose profit and the game will lose its popularity because of what make the game so great (which is having a good reputation) in the long run due to the game not having as many fans as it used to, which in turn makes EA lose profit. If any BMG staff can do anything about this, please don't support into EA in behalf of your consumer base.

Resolution: If EA buys out Town of Salem, then we will either have to suggest changes to be made, or not buy or support any of EA's products. If they don't for whatever reason do not buy the franchise out, then we will continue to buy and play your games to make your franchise (which is Town of Salem) one of the best multiplayer games that there is, just like you guys want us to. If somehow EA buys the game and changes their attitude, I might reconsider my support for Town of Salem. 

Thanks for reading this petition, and as a message in regard to both companies involved here, we will be happy if you try to continue to support gamers everywhere.


https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/feb/18/crunched-games-industry-exploiting-workforce-ea-spouse-software- Even though EA lost the case and changed their labor policy as a result, I still think that this is worth mentioning. It shows how much greed EA has put into their business model, therefore they aren't a good investment[1]. (Paragraph 2, Sentence 1 in parenthesis.)

https://mic.com/articles/29213/simcity-drm-always-online-mode-results-in-disaster-for-gamers#.yFTnxgFV4- I understand the importance of DRM (anti-piracy) and how much it means on businesses to protect their intellectual property, but this is just ridiculous[2]. (Paragraph 2, Sentence 1 in parenthesis.)

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