COVID-19 household bills

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The COVID-19 crisis has come to us almost by surprise, it has spread around the world in a way that has made us take drastic measures to stop it.

Socially, occupationally and psychologically it is having repercussions on the entire population. We have had to defer our plans, stop our social life. In most, we have had to stop working.

Closed companies, people who have lost their jobs or are on layoff and requiring financial aid from the State since they have lost their wages, unemployed people who are not able to find employment at the moment, self-employed workers who have seen their income decrease to more than 50%...

Still, spending life continues its normal course.
People continue to buy food and other household utilities, we continue to pay our bills. Visits the doctors, medication payments have increased ...

Circumstances that are making the daily life a struggle.


Being in isolation, locked up at home, is part of the precaution to be infected. But more important, it is a means of preventing the virus from spreading further and causing further social harm. Then, being in solidary with the rest of the community.

This circumstance will be translated into higher holdhouses bills, added to less income, more social needs, increase of the poverty.

Day by day it will get worse and worse.


I ask to the electrical and gas companies to put themselves in the shoes of their customers.


(I am writing to you now) I ask you, as a person to person, to be empathic with the circumstances.


We all are responsible for the welfare of the rest.

We all can make it work.