Restore Laura Dupont’s position on Metro Vancouver’s Climate Change Action Committee

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Port Coquitlam City Councillor, Laura Dupont, is EXACTLY who we want on our Environmental Action Committee. Our governments need to be exceptionally transparent on the work they are doing to resolve Climate Crisis issues and there is no one more dedicated and less self serving than Councillor Laura Dupont. 

Excerpt from the article - Laura Dupont “apologized for what she called a mistake. However, while she could not elaborate on what occurred in a closed meeting, she said she had “nothing to gain from this.”

“The censure and sanctions are extremely heavy handed,” she said. “I think if the community knew the details of this, they would be surprised.”

Dupont believes the censure is a way of silencing her outspoken efforts on environmental protection and climate change. She confirmed she was no longer a member of Metro Vancouver’s Climate Change Action Committee, she has been removed from the acting-mayor rotation and her appointment to the Tri-Cities Healthy Community Partnership has been revoked.

“I think I am being silenced because of that work,” she said.