Support the 2022 San Pablo Green Flag Eco Agenda!

Support the 2022 San Pablo Green Flag Eco Agenda!

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We have a future to win and a planet to lose. San Pablo City is home to more than 300,000 people, seven lakes, and other natural resources. Good environmental governance is key in sustaining livelihoods and conserving our planet. San Pableños and the Filipino people are affected by numerous ecological issues from rising global temperatures, raging climate change, improper waste management, air and water pollution, among other issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the 2022 national and local elections near, we find ourselves at a crucial crossroads, where we can choose to elect better leadership that can help us brave the challenges facing our planet and people, or merely continue the destructive practices that are killing us. This agenda was made through the calls and ideas of more than 180 San Pableños gathered through the San Pablo Environmental Consciousness Survey (SPECS), on-ground and online interviews, discussions, and consultations. May this agenda shine a beacon of hope and awareness in the crossroads we face, to guide our local decision makers and candidates towards environmental conservation.

We, the San Pablo Green Flag Coalition, together with the people of San Pablo City, with urgency and vigor, present the 2022 San Pablo Green Flag Eco Agenda as a catalyst and challenge for our local candidates in this election season and beyond to act for the planet and the people.

Get Rid of Red Flags!

  • Poor waste management must stop. 82 of 105 SPECS respondents identified poor waste management and other waste problems as the biggest and most urgent environmental issue in the city
  • Address the widespread open burning of waste in the city through stricter enforcement of laws prohibiting such.
  • Avoid extractive and destructive practices and projects such as unsustainable mining and quarrying.
  • Conduct an eco-friendly election campaign by avoiding the use of toxic materials in campaign paraphernalia, refraining from nailing posters on trees, and practicing the proper disposal of campaign collaterals after the campaign.
  • Strengthen public awareness and involvement in the conservation of the seven lakes. 72% of respondents of SPECS identified that they do not have enough knowledge regarding the seven lakes while 75% have not yet been involved in any conservation efforts of the seven lakes, although 86% hope to be involved in them.
  • Equip citizens with disaster preparedness. Half of SPECS respondents reported that their household does not have an emergency kit at home.
  • Conduct and invest in further research and assessments to identify red flags in the city’s environmental status and awareness.

Make Ways to Zero Waste.

  • Seek not just to manage, but also prevent waste from being made in the first place through a holistic approach to waste management.
  • Strengthen the regulation of plastic in the city and move towards a comprehensive and stricter ban to prevent the utilization of single-use plastics which clog our drainage systems and pollute our environment. 67% of SPECS respondents agree with the banning of plastics in the city.
  • Formulate and implement a Sampaloc Lake Waste Management Ordinance to institutionalize the cleanliness and conservation of the biggest lake which is also in the city center.
  • Waste to energy will never be the solution as it is inefficient and can cause detrimental health effects to the planet and people.
  • Promote practices which can limit and manage waste in the household such as composting and segregation through information drives in the locality.
  • Waste no public funds through transparency and accountability by better implementation of freedom of information.
  • Strictly implement Republic Act 9003 and complement it with the proper plans, policies, and programs to ensure the effective management of waste in the city.
  • Build a zero waste city with a circular economy by championing the minimization and proper management of waste especially through recycling and the like.

Respond to Climate Change; Champion DRRM.

  • Climate change is not just a future problem, but one that is already affecting the city as well as neighboring municipalities.
  • Undertake the proper planning and swift implementation of a Local Climate Change Action Plan and Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan in order to create and facilitate roadmaps that would lead to the protection of both planet and people especially through proper interventions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate impacts.
  • Prepare citizens for disasters especially through drills and information drives while ensuring that they have access to resources that shall help in their disaster preparedness.
  • Ensure evidence-based mitigation and adaptation practices in the city through investment in climate-resilient infrastructure and research.
  • Develop and implement a clear and just transition roadmap for the city to eventually shift to renewable sources of energy and make electricity more accessible to citizens.

Sustain the Seven Lakes and People’s Livelihoods.

  • Big strides were made to conserve the seven lakes in recent years especially in Sampaloc Lake through the clamor of the public and NGOs accompanied by bold action from the local government.
  • Sustain and support ecotourism and sustainable livelihoods from the seven lakes through engagement and capacity building of the local industry.
  • Implement accordingly the development plans for the seven lakes with continuous engagement of relevant stakeholders and consideration of environmental and societal impacts of interventions.
  • Consult and empower fisherfolk, residents, the youth, and other stakeholders in decisions and programs regarding the seven lakes especially through institutions like the Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Council (FARMC).
  • Integrate the history, significance, and other information on the seven lakes in school curriculum or teaching to inspire young kids to participate in lake conservation. 

Move for a Just COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery 

  • Build back better and implement Science-based medical solutions towards pandemic recovery.
  • Protect the planet, the people, and their livelihoods through decisive and evidence-based decisions and interventions.
  • Continue vaccination, testing, and other COVID-19 response programs to ensure the safety of San Pableños.
  • Be prepared for surges and even future pandemics through comprehensive evidence-based plans and swift response.
  • Allocate proper funding and resources to manage pandemic waste amid the rising use of single-use face masks and disposable materials from deliveries.

Educate and empower the San Pableño youth and citizens.

  • Integrate ecological education in programs of the local government through funding and facilitation of workshops, seminars, webinars, information drives, and the like, especially through multimedia such as information, education, and communication materials.
  • Pass the San Pablo City Youth Code to uphold the rights and promote engagement of the youth sector.
  • Pass a comprehensive anti-discrimination ordinance to ensure the inclusiveness of not just environmental programs, but all initiatives of the local government and establishments in the city.
  • Consult stakeholders and experts for environmental policies, programs, and decisions especially the youth, NGOs/CSOs, fisherfolk, scientists, among others to ensure inclusivity and relevance of such.
  • Create inclusive platforms for people to engage in environmental decisions and governance to promote participation of the public in environmental conservation. 76 SPECS respondents reported that they are not able to participate in environmental programs in their barangay or city.
  • Revitalize institutions such as the Sangguniang Kabataan towards environmental conservation. 41 SPECS respondents say their SK and Barangay officials have never engaged them in any environmental program.
  • Partner with local youth organizations, NGOs/CSOs, and the private sector in environmental programs to amplify impacts and promote the participation of citizens in environmental governance.

Wave the green flag! Champion climate and environmental justice for the planet and the people. #BotoKalikasan #UnaKalikasan

Presented by the San Pablo Green Flag Coalition:

Canossa College Student Council, Canossian Newsette, YES-O San Pablo City Science Integrated High School, YES-O San Pablo City National High School, San Pablo City Science Integrated High School Supreme Student Government, Col. Lauro D. Dizon Memorial Integrated High School Supreme Student Government, College Red Cross Youth - PLSP Council, El Valero, KalikaSan Pablo, Rotaract Club of San Pablo City

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