Doug McCallum resignation petition.

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Doug McCallum has failed the voters of Surrey by being an undemocratic, autocratic, erratic and malevolent Mayor. His support of a new police force is based upon revenge for being pulled over for DUI. His decision to go with a municipal force is not based upon the needs or wants of Surrey voters, which he continues to not only ignore, but hatefully spurn. The level of citizen engagement on the issue of the police force has been nothing put a public realtions manuever.  We the voters have yet to be told how much this new force will cost. 

Doug's continued attacks on his own council are anti democratic and display an unbridled anger and hostility that does not belong in Canadian democracy or municipal politics. 

His strange ideas of building a canal and colored water fountains are egregiously out of touch, especially considering the state Surrey is in with all the gang violence. Safety and security of the person comes before wandering canals and colored fountains. 

Doug McCallum has displayed a dangerous inability to perform the duties of Mayor, only showing up for council votes, minutes readings and media interviews that underline his bizzare talking points. Surrey would be better off with a Doug McCallum resignation, by signing this petition you agree with that Doug McCallum needs to resign the Office of the Mayor of Surrey, without haste. This petition will be forwarded to Elections BC, BC Premier John Horgan and the Municipal Government of Surrey. Thank your for support.