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Get The Boys A Political Party

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In Alberta we have suffered under the NDP regime for over two years. However the new UCP is also trying to decide on a new leader, and it is quite split. The Boys feel as though it is just the same old politics and so we decided we would create a political party to run in the 2019 Alberta election to represent true Albertan values. To have your views and wants represented the boys only need 8,000 signatures. Our plans include keeping your taxes low, eliminating the provincial carbon tax, and most importantly, eliminating the sin tax. The Boys believe that people should be free to live as they choose, so long as they do not hurt somebody else and to charge someone for buying alcohol or cigarettes is not acceptable. Eliminating the sin tax would help this issue. It has become incredibly hard for people to enjoy Saturday with the boys if a case of beer is costing us 40 dollars!? Eliminating the sin tax with resolve that issue. The Boys believe that you know how to spend your money better than the government does which why The Boys will also propose when we enter parliament to decrease all MLA salaries by 5%. So all we are asking you to do is have a little faith in the Boys, and while the name might not show it we support women becoming members of our party, and MLAs to continue the fight for hard working Albertan families. Thank you so much for your support, to donate you can email us at And please do not hesitate to sign our petition, for without you guys this will not be possible. There is a lot of work to do, but what do you say? Are we up for it? Eliminate the in tax.

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