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Call byelection in Calgary-Bow to replace MLA-designate Deborah Drever

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Whether an MLA is 26 or 62, voters should have confidence in their elected representatives to conduct themselves appropriately.

Deborah Drever was elected as MLA for Calgary-Bow as a result of the 2015 Alberta Election. "I know I'm inexperienced", said Drever, 26, who posted on Kijiji in March that she's a Mount Royal sociology student "looking for a summer position".

Many residents of Calgary-Bow were unaware that Drever was running for office until they reached the polling station. Signs posted in much of the area were for Rachel Notley.

"All I want is to be done school. Might have to start taking summer and spring classes. I am so sick of the service industry and how [sic] you are treated by not only "entitled" people but also the staff you work  with", said Drever in May, 2014. Having still not completed her degree as of May 2015, Drever continues to attend Mount Royal University as a sociology student.

The issue is not the age or sex of Drever, it's the choices she makes and decision making skills she shows. Her resume does not present as someone who would be building towards a career in public office, but rather someone who just backed into a winning lottery ticket.

By comparison: Deborah Drever is 26, an undergrad student, a waitress, likes to party, and write about Swedish Death Metal. Stephanie McLean is 28, owns a law practice, and is being touted as our next Justice Minister.

Being an MLA is a full-time commitment. It requires education, skill, initiative, and a willingness to work with others. We do not believe that Deborah Drever posses the necessary qualifications and are concerned that background vetting was not done as part of her candidacy application.

The residents of Calgary-Bow are entitled to full-disclosure and a candidate they can have faith in to represent their voices. We hereby request that Elections Alberta call a by-election in Calgary-Bow for the position of MLA.

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