Protect Right To Vote - We required Guaranty & warranty on promises made by politicians

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India is a democratic country, where people are the rulers. This can be achieved through proper process, through which people can elect their leaders through voting system. The people participating in the voting system will be part of government formation. If a citizen doesn't utilizes his / her vote they won't belong to government formation and required to consider in non-voter section and if a citizen utilizes Right to vote, and leaders fails to fulfill their promises, there should be a process to protect their Right to Vote. "Right to Vote" should be protected by Judiciary as it is a constitutional right. If a politician cheats and doesn't stand on their words, there is no evidences people can collect and file a case against the politician. We demand to reform Election process for protecting Right To Vote. An act to create protection for “Right To Vote” similar to Right to Speech and Right to expression as per constitution. We request election commission should change the nomination process and request to submit promises in the affidavit document. The definition of democracy, “For the People, By the People and Of the People”, can be achieved by the constitution provided “Right To Vote”. If this Right is not protected with proper act and amendments, our country will no more be called as democratic country.This Act may be called as Democracy Protection Act (DPA), 2018.

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