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Petitioner: Mohsin Ran

Class Action

Citizens of Pakistan.


Election Commission of Pakistan

President of Pakistan

The people of Pakistan always wished of Revolution in Pakistan the country they can fight and die for. Dirty politicians had/have been using the term Revolution excessively to grab votes and they brainwash, brain-feed the Pakistanis that the revolution is only possible because of them. i.e Imran Khan, Nawaz, Zardari are only qualified to bring revolution or revolutionize Pakistan. If not then they have their children to run Pakistan.

The revolution, people of Pakistan long wished is possible But impossible if they do not force ECP to amend the Election Rules and criteria that who should be even eligible to contest in General Elections or not allowed. Just to remind you that ECP is an independent body with independence controlled, again by legislations/ tailored and tampered constitution with patches of amendments. It again brought by National assembly full of corrupt criminals that the people of Pakistan has been voting. The hard times and situations my Pakistan is going through is the result of illogical, senseless, unfair rules followed in General Elections and corrupt ECP that keeps adverting it honesty. Isn't it a joke with people.

Therefore, I am educating people through this petition as well as asking ECP to amend rules and delay elections and not to listen to these corrupt parties already in the national politics. Exercise Independence in real sense and honestly do your duty for prosperous Pakistan. If you do not and A large number of people sign and like what I am telling them then get ready to face me in Supreme Courts of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Those educated Pakistanis should not sit back and watch your bogus General Elections Drama and billions of Tax money spent on it and in the end what the people get is Nawaz, Imran and corrupt Zardaries, eligible to contest elections, and ruling Pakistan that in fact should be ruled by honest patriot Educated class of Pakistanies.

I am asking the Pakistanies to sign the petition, like on facebook using the links provided if you think I am right. The following are the main points.


1) The president of Pakistan (Mamnoon Hussain) is an icon of corruption. A person with the kind of abilities that he has got and forced on Pakistanies systematically clearly indicates the flaws in election process and mechanism. Nawaz couldn't find but this person to be the president. Rights of People are allowed to be played and tampered to bring people of choice but beneficial to Pakistan. What else you call a corruption, Nawaz could have done.

ONLY people of Pakistan has the right to choose president directly instead of relying on choice of those they elect. It will cost nothing and can be done without extra financial burden to ECP. Just add a check box in the ballot paper to elect president separately.

2) From last 40 to 50 years doesn't matter what you do in the end the Nation is ruled by the same and their descendents. There is NO way of getting rid of these corrupts. The only possibility is that people of Pakistan understand that they should never vote or support anyone involved in the National Politics in last 50 years. Its simple. I am telling the people of Pakistan the following.

A) Never vote the people who have been to National assembly even once. There are 20000000 people in Pakistan that make it approximately 30000000 < families with highly educated people eligible to rule Pakistan.

Therefore, Once in national assembly A person should never be allowed to contest in General Election again. He/She has done their National duty, Now let others do it and enter in PA & NA.

Once MPA or MNA, PM, President, is NEVER AGAIN, not even allowed to contest.


  B) These are fundamental rights of people of Pakistan to stop all those entering  the national assembly and force the ECP to hold the General Elections the way people wish not the politicians. As politicians are only representatives the people bring to Assemblies. Unfortunately, they were corrupt so amended the constitution so they cant be thrown out at any cost. All the Pakistanies just ask yourself a question. Why could these claiming to be the most honest politicians not make rules or amend the constitution to bring the real revolution. i.e  Once a PM, MPA, MNA is never again allowed to contest.

Isn't it simple? The new people will come to assemblies automatically and Pakistan is revolutionized again automatically. Imran Khan claiming to bring revolution could not propose such things in National Assembly floor in five years and here we have a situation that once again all the Big Known corrupts are preparing to be elected once again and no one can prove them corrupt technically. What else you call corruption.

3) As I said there are roughly more than 3000000 families in Pakistan. They should have an equal representation and opportunities to represent their country and if wish to serve the people of Pakistan. But its not the case. There is Nawaz Sharif with his whole family in NA. Sons and daughter, wife, brother and his children, then members of families they got their sons and daughters married, a whole dam nexus, a bloody family Mafia. Isn't it form of corruption the ever green corrupt ECP has allowed.

If two members of one family i.e husband and wife cant work in the same branch of a Bank and many institutions around the world and even in Pakistan due to the risk of corruption, a whole damn family is allowed in NA. This again violates the fundamental rights of Pakistanies. Why because they send these people to assemblies to represent them. But moral rule of representation are undermined. How can one expect Marriyam Nawaz or Hamza to disobey the dad Nawaz Sharif. Therefore, the reasons the people voted is wasted. There representation and voices are subject to dads order. What else you call corruption.

Therefore, only one member from one family should be allowed in one general election including Provincial and National bringing the chances of corruption back to ground. I request my dear Pakistanies to never vote a person if any of close or far family members are also contesting.


4) Those who contest in general elections as independent candidates should not be allowed to join a party of their choice after the elections, stopping the horse trading. Another reason is people vote them so that these will represent them as independent candidates. Having won, not all the voters wish them to join Nawaz, Zardari of Imran Khan because they vote these candidates against corruption of Nawaz, Imran or Zardari. So the vote is wasted and its morality challenged once these candidates join a political party. i.e I want to cancel out my vote. Is there an option given to people to cancel the vote if they join a party? No there is not any. What else you call corruption?

5). The deceiving Word "Halaf" is deliberately introduced by these corrupts in NA to justify, somehow, their corruption in name of politics. It provides a hole in the constitution for corrupts to slip in. The word "Kasam" should be used. I.e. Putting hand on the Holly book Quran, "Main Allah ki Kasam khata hon k mulk ka wafadar rahon ga".


 1) Do not ever vote the candidate who's family members are also contesting. 

2) Do not vote or support who have already been to the national of provincial assembly in last 50 years. Don't test you have already tested.

3) Do not vote/support who have already been to the national politics in last 50 years regardless they won or lost in elections. Don't test you have already tested.

4) Force ECP to bypass the constitutional legislations by these selfish corrupt and elect your president with direct vote. Your fundamental right to choose head of state.

5) Force ECP to bypass the constitutional legislations by these selfish corrupts who only amended the constitution to keep themselves in blocking the citizens rights to be in assembly. You cant make rules yourself to that effect your own selection. You cant be a suspect and Judge yourself. Its your fundamental right to get rid of all who have represented you once. They have availed their representation.

6) Force ECP to amend the rules so independent candidates not join a party later, disrespecting the voters will. Don't waste your vote.

7). Replacing word Halaf with Kasam. Halaf de-values and is deceiving. The right word Kasam.







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